May 1st 2022

People are always asking me what are the items we need the most. Here’s a list of things we are low on:

Housewares Department:

· Towels are always needed!

· Sheets, especially Queen size

· Curtains, all sizes

· Dishes

· Fans

· Lamps

· Umbrellas

Children’s Department:

· Infant car seats

· Diapers Size 4

· Summer clothes, especially Boys

Hygiene/Cleaning Supplies:

· Any! We spend hundreds of dollars each month and we still run out

(shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, dish soap, bath tissue, paper towels,

Any household cleaning items.)

At the moment, our adult clothing areas are quite full; I think there’s been a lot of spring cleaning going on in homes! Our food shelves are staying well supplied thanks to the Food Bank and the Knights Food Drives.

Thank you to all our donors; despite all the challenges we’ve faced, your loyal support is what keeps us going year after year.


Mary Ann