March 13th 2022

March 13th 2022

It’s that time of year for us to apply for a grant from the Catherine Kennedy Home Foundation, a local charity that helps non-profit organizations involved in providing services to improve the general health and welfare of the elderly. For those that might not know, that organization was created after the closure of the Catherine Kennedy Home, a non-profit independent living retirement community that operated for over 100 years; it was among the oldest homes for the aged in the US. After the Home shut down in 2000, they wanted to continue their service to seniors in our community and did so by offering financial grants. This opportunity started in 2003, and we have been chosen as a recipient every year since. The Foundation was aware of Sister Isaac’s concern for the welfare of elders and they know we are doing our best to follow in her footsteps. Thus, they even contact us directly each year to remind us to submit an application!

With last year’s award of $20,000, we were able to serve 134 seniors. As you can imagine, many were hard hit due to the impacts of Covid.. We helped some people with rent payments, transportation, and medical bills but the bulk of the funds went towards utility bills.

In my review of our records for the year, the underlying reason for many of the requests is a health issue – their own health, a family member’s illness or the loss of a loved one and the expenses incurred that left them with a shortfall to handle normal expenses. One woman, an amputee, had transportation needs. Another had her bank card stolen. Several had plumbing leaks or car problems. We helped one gentleman that was released from prison after 16 years and was trying to get his life back on track. We helped several people that are staying in shelters or half-way houses, as well as many that have taken into their home other family members in need of help, especially children.

Our mission, as defined by our founder, Sister Isaac, is to offer those in need a ‘hand-up’ not just a hand-out. Thanks to the Foundation, we have been able to do just that for many elders. We have humbly submitted an application once again.

Blessings to the Catherine Kennedy Home Foundation, and to all of our loyal donors that allow us to continue our work with those in need.

Mary Ann

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